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Executive Summary

Large corporations hire chief of staff because these individuals generally provide executive-level support to top decision-makers and project managers. They are critical in keeping special projects on task. The chief is responsible for staffing-related issues, program details and communication for the project(s). They act as the conductor of the harmonious flow of work.

 This job carries with it a great deal of stress between crucial deadlines and progress goals to the long work hours, the job is a lifestyle. This work is considered to be a highly desirable career position by most business management professionals within the above different industries. These opportunities carry a high degree of responsibility and decision-making ability. The work is considered comfortable; however, in project-based organizations, the chief may have to spend time in both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled environments.

 This is a top management position. This job often requires a master's degree in business, engineering or mathematics, in addition to a bachelor's degree within a relevant area of specialization. In addition to the extensive educational requirements, the chief of staff also possesses a number of years in the field, generally from 8 to 15 years within middle to upper management positions. It requires excellent communication skills, the ability to multi-task and solid leadership skills. A chief also is a team builder, with the ability to develop and supervise a group of professionals while keeping production up and the team on task.

 The chief of staff is responsible for a wide range of duties that leads to the health of the entire organization, providing exceptional leadership and effective management in all areas of staffing and personnel, administration, project completion, information technology and development. The department managers generally report directly to the chief of staff.

 Other key responsibilities include serving as the organization's primary negotiator, project leader and management of all special projects. The chief holds meetings in relations to projects, company progress and personnel-related issues. The chief is also reasonable for the analytics of their sphere of control. They oversee the finance statements and ratios, as well as keeping the organization on budget. The chief is a solid steward of the company's financial resources, and is usually given the responsibility of strategic planning and performance measurements. Planning and directing all administrative, financial, and operational activities for the organization's President, CEO, and/or Board of Directors is a main task for the Chief of Staff.


- Acts on the authority of the office of the CEO to oversee strategic projects with a primary focus on initiatives affecting the value chain that typically require cross functional resource allocation.

- Facilitates the process of project solicitation, selection, prioritization, implementation, and monitoring.

- Ad-hoc analysis and decision support.

- Disseminates information and communicates ideas on behalf of the CEO.

- Designee to originate areas of opportunity internally and externally.

- Maintains the Strategic Plan and facilitates the annual process.

- “Executive-on-demand” for backstopping vacancies providing bench strength.

- Operates a reporting system and dashboard.

- Serves as a first alert system.

- Oversees a central data repository for capturing, cataloging, analyzing and disseminating key lessons and resources.

- “Ambassador” for the CEO, buffering communication with other members of the strategic team in cases where there are sensitive issues. Takes initial meetings with outside parties for screening purposes or as a representative of the CEO’s office for greater accessibility.



- Acts as a point of contact between top management and employees or other stakeholders.

- Provides oversight and guidance to projects of high importance.

- Demonstrates expertise in a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.

- Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

- To increase the bandwidth and velocity of the CEO or unit leader in such a way as to concentrate his or her time, effort and priorities on strategic initiatives.


Work Experience

- (Jun 11 – Current):    Managing Director – Bin Saedan Trading.
- (Jun 09 – Jun 11):      Sales & Marketing Director – Developed Dimension IT.
- (May 05 – Nov 08):    Project Director – Saudi Research and Marketing Group.
- (Nov 02 – Nov 04):    Operation Manager – Photo Link Ads Agency.
- (Mar 99 – Oct 02):     Operation Manager – Jerusalem Event Management.


- In-Process MBA – Project Management – Walden University – USA.
- Bachelor Degree in Finance & Banking – Yarmouk University – Irbid – Jordan.
- Diploma in Mathematics – Yarmouk University – Irbid – Jordan.
- Certificate in Time Management – Tatweer Center. – Amman – Jordan.
- Certificate in Cross Media Advertising – IFRA – Frankfurt – Germany.
- Certificate in Websites Design – Establishments Inst. – Irbid – Jordan.
- Certificate in Windows & Internet – United Engineers Inst. – Irbid – Jordan.
- Certificate in JAVA Scripting – United Engineers Inst. – Irbid – Jordan.

Soft Skills

- Introvert and Extrovert capabilities.

- Unimpeachable integrity.

- Selflessness.

- Emotional intelligence.

- The ability to give and receive constructive criticism.

- Diplomacy skills.

- Keen judgment.

- Entrepreneurial.

- Discerning ability to recognize salient business issues that “move the needle”.

- Finely honed communication skills.

- Upwards to the CEO.

- Laterally to others on the executive team.

- Downward throughout the organizational chart.


Hard Skills

- A multi-facetted lattice work of mental models and case study to draw upon.

- Project management.

- Organization.

- Sensitivity and orientation to identify systemic issues.

- Multi-tasking.

- Time management 

- Benchmarking.

- Trouble shooting and creative system orientated solutions.

- Professional reporting methodologies.

- Information gathering and analysis.

- A keen mind and multi-focal intelligence.


- Saudi 5th Security Exhibition – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.
- Security National Resilience (ISNR) – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
- Saudi Media Show – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia.
- IFRA Middle East Committee – Manama – Bahrain.
- Publish Asia – Manila – Philippines.
- IFRA Middle East Committee – Dubai – UAE.
- IFRA Middle East Committee – Abu Dhabi – UAE.
- SOFEX 02 – Amman – Jordan.


- American Marketing Association (AMA).
- INCA-FIEJ Research Association (IFRA).
- Royal Automobiles Museum (RAM).
- Internet Society Organization (ISOC).



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